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where's the balance

I once heard the story of a vicar of a small country church who stood up and started his sermon one Sunday morning.  “Every six seconds a child dies in Africa and most of you this morning don’t give a fuck.  And what is really worrying is that most of you are more offended by the fact that I just said fuck, than that  two children have just died in Africa”.

I’m not quite sure if the story is true or indeed how the rest of the sermon went although I can guess!  I thought of this story last night when I was asked to be on Channel Four News.  The debate was about the lifting of the cap on student fees and I was asked to be present as a social entrepreneur with experiences of employment and training.

During the broadcast a group of student protesters broke in shouting, handing out leaflets and throwing bottles.  Their passion and commitment to the injustice of their fees being raised by an average of £2,000 per year was obvious and I thought of the story of the vicar and his sermon and wondered if that energy for justice was entirely focused in the right direction.

That’s all really, just a thought.


About Sarah Dunwell

Sarah Dunwell is executive director of Arena Partners and has twenty years experience in the corporate and business sector. After a number of senior roles in customer service and retail management, Sarah led her own successful catering business and is experienced in business turn around and SME growth. Sarah has a particular interest in the role of robust business planning and development in the not-for-profit sector. Her passion lies in seeing social businesses grow successfully and sustainably through creating mature businesses that deliver strong social agendas.
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